29 March 2010 @ 8:13:00 AM
currently in australia.. i highly do not recommend this place for any purpose. food here is horribly expensive, shopping just gets worse. everything in Myers department store goes above hundreds. another big fat problem is the stupid houseflies and mosquitoes.. oh oh oh.. and apparently the hole in our ozone layer is right above australia. which means we get direct sunlight here.. i love to tan.. but the sun scares me off =\

housekeeping just came to clean up my room.. gonna go wash up and watch some videos and read my books~ this place bores me..

26 November 2009 @ 1:39:00 AM
misc. post.. no one would understand... just my heart's feelings..
been fiddling with my phone since i dunno when.. everytime i scroll through my inbox, i'll stop at that very sms.. and when i open it, tears just flow.. my heart is seriously wounded this time.. im lost for words, im lost of feelings, im lost of senses..
almost had an accident when i received that sms.. was exiting the highway and entering bukit merah. when i was about the filter left, i was just blanked out.. i didnt know what i was thinking.. i stepped hard on the accelerator and next thing i know, i heard loud horns from just beside me.. there was actually a taxi rushing towards me.. guess im lucky to still be here blogging...
had a fall in the toilet while bathing.. i seriously dont know how it happened.. crashed my head on the toilet bowl and felt black shades covering my vision for awhile.. and what felt like ages, i woke up to realise i was lying in the toilet.. guess it wasnt that long that i was unconscious since my mom didnt notice anything amiss..
i need assurance.. and more than anything, i need love.. i need to be sure that u still love me like before.. that our dreams will still come true.. that we'll still strive towards the very same goal together.. i miss u.. the old u.. the lovin u.. the caring u.. i love u..
this song just says so much bout my feelings..

23 November 2009 @ 5:57:00 AM
decided to leave everything behind and start my chase for love.. im going to u.s to keep him company and to heal my broken heart.. planning to depart on either 27/11 or 4/12. and with no amiss, i'll be back on 6/2/10. this might all sound really crazy.. its prolly cos we have a unseparatable strong bond in a way. or in another point of view, our love is really weak till it cant withstand separation.

running a fever right now, if it doesnt subside when i wake up, im heading straight to the clinic. wanna get all well and preped up for my departure. wonder if i can take the h1n1 vaccine when im running a temp. i really cant wait to see him.. loves to all and hope u guys will be able to keep me company online when im out in u.s. cheers!

21 November 2009 @ 3:54:00 AM
i dont see myself as someone with lots of patience.. shall we let fate decide?
i wanna be happy and not drown in the ocean of sorrows every single day...

20 November 2009 @ 6:11:00 AM
dilemma, dilemma, dilemma..
i really dunno how to uphold a long distance relationship.. less than 2 days and ive got this very strange feeling.. it feels like.. we're so apart. not as in literally counting the miles.. i seriously dont find it fun waiting to webcam with each other. neither do i see the joy in looking at a moving image of u through my monitor.. it feels so.. far.. so unreal..

yes i love u.. when i hug u, when i kiss u, when i hold ur hands.. but when i see u through the monitor, i really cant find a tad bit of feeling for u.. prolly its a passing phase.. i wonder what will happen during ur absence these 3 mnths. will my feelings for u bland? will i still be the same may?

emo.. emo.. emo..
ive got no appetite since he left. ate half a packet of hor fun for the day. nothing else.. i know i should eat more to stay healthy. but i just seem to lose my interest in food.
at some point of time, like now, ive got this weird thought.. of us breaking up for now and getting back together when ure back. not that i dont love u and i'll go find someone else.. but its more about not feeling obliged.

i know u dont wish for me to feel this way.. loss of appetite, negative thoughts on our relationship, etc.. but i really dislike the way u put things across my face saying that uve gotta stress bout work and above that handle our issues.. cos apparently, i did not wish for us to be apart, and i have never had a bf leave me for 3 mnths. im really sorry to bring all this upon u.. but its beyond my control.. i can keep it to myself if u want.. i just thought i shared my feelings and thoughts with u.. i really have no means to burden u.. im sorry..